Slow Strategy. Fast Strategy.

When building a marketing strategy, I have one slow focus, and one fast focus.

Slow = Anything organic. SEO, cold outreach, email, organic Instagram growth, etc

Fast = Paid media. Advertising. Could be Facebook. Could be Google. Any online platform, really.

The ROI and results of ‘Slow Strategies’ take longer (but are usually far greater). They’re assets that have a compound effect.

The ROI and results of ‘Fast Strategies’ can be faster, but you’ll always need to feed the ‘vending machine’ for them to work.

(BTW, so long as the ‘vending machine’ is making more on the other end — whether in new learnings OR profit — than what’s being put in, that’s fine.)

💸 Money is the most renewable resource in the world.

⏳ Time is the least renewable resource.

Finally, the fast strategy and the slow strategy usually feed each other.

So it’s not one or the other. It’s one of each working together 🏋️‍♀️

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