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sharpen the axe

“If I had eight hours to chop down a tree, I’d spend the first six sharpening my axe.” – Abraham Lincoln

I’m in a men’s group that meets every week. The point is to strengthen our masculine core, and hold each other accountable.

This quarter, my accountability was to create an experience that would help entrepreneurs multiply their business — I called it The Ads Made Easy Mastermind.

I gave it to two other entrepreneurs in the group.

Here’s what I learned from the experience:

👉 I have a block when it comes to promoting my own content, products, and services — I need to find a way to overcome that block (👋 here I am on Instagram)
👉 A process or strategy put into writing can take MANY forms. The workshop started as a case study (blog post) of my 3x3x3 Facebook Ads Method. Now I can take that case study and turn it into a webinar, podcast, book, course, service, etc.
👉 Using feedback from participants, I got clear on where there are gaps in my delivery and product.

In other words, I now have a better idea HOW to sharpen my axe so that the next time I swing it, it’s easier and more effective.

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