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Curtis Duggan / Small Starts

I’m going to begin sharing (almost) daily updates on this blog. A way to keep The Publishing Muscle active.

I’ve been having a great time working with Curtis Duggan on a couple of projects that seem to have come out of the ‘ether’:

  • A new podcast where we riff on small business starts and entrepreneurship, in general (aka earning an independent living)
  • A podcast agency
  • Restructuring our entrepreneur group—Brand Gravity—to be a 3 day intensive somewhere awesome. First one in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

And here’s a song I heard this morning that I liked:

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Fish At Your Feet

You don’t need to cast a long line.

There’s a bounty sitting there — Right at your feet.

Think big, long-term. Think tiny, right now.

Thinking tiny leads to actions you’ll actually take.

No overwhelm.

And many tiny actions become big results, over time.

What’s the smallest bit of value you can give to…

  • Contacts in your phone…
  • Businesses on your street..
  • Media in your town…
  • Clients from years ago…
  • Friends in your community…
  • Schools in your neighbourhood…

And how can you continuously add value to them (and never stop)?

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“Enthusiastic Amateur”

In Show Your Work, Austin Kleon suggests adopting the spirit of an “Enthusiastic Amateur.”

This was a healthy concept for me because I became a “Stuffy Professional” early on as a music student.

The “Stuffy Professional” is bloated with ego — only on some grand stage can their art be experienced.

The Enthusiastic Amateur, on the other hand:

  • Openly shares what they’re working on — more than willing to give anyone a ‘look under the hood’
  • Is so excited, they don’t care what people think
  • Can’t help but share what they learn, as they learn it
  • Is energized more by process, than product

When I was in music school, I spent SO MUCH TIME in practice rooms, coachings, rehearsals, masterclasses, and lessons. Not once did I share any of that process.

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