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Advertising Mindset Shifts I’ve Had To Make

Yesterday before publishing a campaign for a client, I shared these mindset shifts I’ve had to make:

  • This is a long-term play. Not a magical sales vending machine. 
  • We’re building your company’s audience / ‘radio station’ / ‘media company’
  • The big problem we’re solving is lifting you out of obscurity. Attention = opportunity + revenue. Obscurity = death.
  • Ads help you get more longevity out of the organic work you do. If something you publish organically seems to resonate — let’s rotate it into a campaign, put a bit of spend behind it, and reach more people.
  • There will be trolls. Either use them as an opportunity to educate others who happen to see what they write, or delete them.
  • This is a laboratory. We’re testing what works and what doesn’t. 

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Curtis Duggan / Small Starts

I’m going to begin sharing (almost) daily updates on this blog. A way to keep The Publishing Muscle active.

I’ve been having a great time working with Curtis Duggan on a couple of projects that seem to have come out of the ‘ether’:

  • A new podcast where we riff on small business starts and entrepreneurship, in general (aka earning an independent living)
  • A podcast agency
  • Restructuring our entrepreneur group—Brand Gravity—to be a 3 day intensive somewhere awesome. First one in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

And here’s a song I heard this morning that I liked:

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“Presence Analytics”

Hey, Kyle here. 

Every Monday I send a short, sweet email of useful resources.

I recently heard someone say that emails can’t be too short, but they can be too long.

So I’m making this my shortest email ever:

🛠 TOOL: I’m excited to demo this ‘Presence Analytics’ tool today. Many possibilities but the one I’m most excited about is attributing guest visits to specific campaigns — even if there’s no opt in or offer redemption.

🤓 READ: How a professional copywriter comes up with headlines. Fast. 

🧠 PONDER: How can you pour into your people?

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$100 ‘alchemy’

Hey, Kyle here.

Every 2 weeks I share the best of what I’ve learned growing small local businesses, restaurants, and myself.

Here’s what’s on deck in today’s issue:

📈 The $100 Challenge Results

🧲 Recruitment that doesn’t suck (hiring ad template you can use)

🎧 Eliminating wait times + weird restaurant models

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2 tools to make social media fun

Hey, Kyle here. Happy Valentine’s Day. 😘

Every Monday, I send a short, sweet email of useful resources.

📸 TEMPLATE: Because Instagram is such a visual platform, I’ve struggled not being able to see what my feed will look like — until after. So I made a simple Canva template you can use to easily slot in your photos / videos to get a preview of your feed. (BTW, ever feel like Canva is taking over the internet?)

TOOL: If you’re going to grow in the marketplace, you need a point of view. I believe Twitter is the best platform to chisel your point of view. I’m only one day in, but HypeFury has been very effective at automating a lot of the grunt work — inlcuding posting tweets to other platforms.

🎧 LISTEN: No secret that music can be powerful for getting into, and staying in, flow states. This Spotify station built off of the song Oceans by RY X and Ólafur Arnalds has been keeping me dialled on work all weekend. Great walking music, too.

🧠 PONDER: Do you feel like you’re building? Or just doing?

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Solving Bigger Problems

Hey, Kyle here.

Every 2 weeks I share the best of what I’ve learned growing small local businesses, restaurants, and myself.

Today, I’m sharing 2 quickies and 1 longer piece near and dear to my heart:

🏠 A bar website format you can steal

🎤 How to tell a better story in 2022

👨🏼‍🎓 A bar + entrepreneurial growth program (presentation deck included)

🇲🇽 BONUS: 3 funny things my mom has said in Mexico

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3 discoveries and a quote

Hey, Kyle here.

Starting today, I’m sharing useful discoveries I’ve made + 1 thought to ponder for the week. Every Monday.

🔎 REFERENCE: Kately Bourgoin of Customer Camp put together this Buyer Psychology Cheatsheet. It’s helpful when you want to arm your copy with high-octane firepower (rooted in how we think).

🤓 READ: I was recently coached by Mike Cooch on overcoming ‘resistance.’ While Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is one of the books I gift most often, I’d never heard of the book Mike recommended — Turning Pro. My favourite line, so far: “The amateur tweets. The pro works.” Amen.

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A breakthrough model

Hey, Kyle here.

Every 2 weeks I share the best of what I’ve learned growing small local businesses and restaurants.

In today’s edition, I’m going to cover:

⚙️ A new training model any local business can adopt

🎯 2022 goals, habits, and themes

❤️ A few of my favourite recent discoveries

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