Advertising Mindset Shifts I’ve Had To Make

Yesterday before publishing a campaign for a client, I shared these mindset shifts I’ve had to make:

  • This is a long-term play. Not a magical sales vending machine. 
  • We’re building your company’s audience / ‘radio station’ / ‘media company’
  • The big problem we’re solving is lifting you out of obscurity. Attention = opportunity + revenue. Obscurity = death.
  • Ads help you get more longevity out of the organic work you do. If something you publish organically seems to resonate — let’s rotate it into a campaign, put a bit of spend behind it, and reach more people.
  • There will be trolls. Either use them as an opportunity to educate others who happen to see what they write, or delete them.
  • This is a laboratory. We’re testing what works and what doesn’t. 

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