3 discoveries and a quote

Hey, Kyle here.

Starting today, I’m sharing useful discoveries I’ve made + 1 thought to ponder for the week. Every Monday.

🔎 REFERENCE: Kately Bourgoin of Customer Camp put together this Buyer Psychology Cheatsheet. It’s helpful when you want to arm your copy with high-octane firepower (rooted in how we think).

🤓 READ: I was recently coached by Mike Cooch on overcoming ‘resistance.’ While Steven Pressfield’s The War of Art is one of the books I gift most often, I’d never heard of the book Mike recommended — Turning Pro. My favourite line, so far: “The amateur tweets. The pro works.” Amen.

🎧 LISTEN: Russel Brunson is resurrecting local marketing legend Dan Kennedy. One of the ways he’s doing this is by turning Dan’s seminar recordings into podcast episodes. You can’t go wrong, but so far my favourite is Mindset in Sales & Marketing.

🧠 PONDER: “The greatest guru is your inner self. Truly, he is the supreme teacher. He alone can take you to your goal and he alone meets you at the end of the road. Confide in him and you need no outer guru.” — Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, I Am That

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