2 tools to make social media fun

Hey, Kyle here. Happy Valentine’s Day. 😘

Every Monday, I send a short, sweet email of useful resources.

📸 TEMPLATE: Because Instagram is such a visual platform, I’ve struggled not being able to see what my feed will look like — until after. So I made a simple Canva template you can use to easily slot in your photos / videos to get a preview of your feed. (BTW, ever feel like Canva is taking over the internet?)

TOOL: If you’re going to grow in the marketplace, you need a point of view. I believe Twitter is the best platform to chisel your point of view. I’m only one day in, but HypeFury has been very effective at automating a lot of the grunt work — inlcuding posting tweets to other platforms.

🎧 LISTEN: No secret that music can be powerful for getting into, and staying in, flow states. This Spotify station built off of the song Oceans by RY X and Ólafur Arnalds has been keeping me dialled on work all weekend. Great walking music, too.

🧠 PONDER: Do you feel like you’re building? Or just doing?

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