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Here’s what’s on deck in today’s issue:

📈 The $100 Challenge Results

🧲 Recruitment that doesn’t suck (hiring ad template you can use)

🎧 Eliminating wait times + weird restaurant models

📈 The $100 Challenge Results

In the latest Hospitality Recovery Toolkit session, I challenged restaurant owners to turn $100 into $300 in sales using paid ads.

One of the reasons I love advertising is because it’s like ‘alchemy.’

If you feed an attention platform the right ingredients, it generates returns in:

  • Awareness
  • Database / Audience Growth
  • Revenue
  • Goodwill

(+ I can’t think of any other investment vehicles that could return 200% in 1 week. Can you?)

I show exactly what we built—and the results—in this one minute Reel (with cool music, to boot).

Click the image below to check it out:

🧲 Recruitment that doesn’t suck (hiring ad template included)

Remember: everything is marketing.

From the copy in your job description to the skills of your front of house staff.

I helped one of our partners craft a magnetic ad for bartenders.

And it isn’t only about attracting great team members.

It also sends signals to your market.

I turned the ad I wrote into a template that you can use.

Ideally, it’s a page on your website that leads to a form — so that you build an applicant pipeline.

I’m curious: is there anything you’d change about it?

🎧 New podcast episode explores how to eliminate wait times (+ some fun restaurant model ideas)

Carson Goodale is the founder and CEO of FanFood — a platform on a mission to eliminate wait times.

In this episode, we jam on how restaurants can use QR codes to solve for: 

  • Better guest experiences…
  • Finding unique advertising angles…
  • Innovating the broken restaurant model…
  • And more

We also explore the concept of the 100% complimentary restaurant model. 

Check it out:

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